Friday, May 22, 2015

who needs Tahiti?

We've gathered for theological reflection these past four years in the great tradition known as EfM. The letters stand for Education for Ministry, a theological studies program that began 40 years ago and today is administered through the seminary at The University of the South. The premise is that we are all ministers, our lives being our ministry. Besides the soul friends and a pretty impressive-looking certificate, the most important gift I received is a sense of intentionality around what I do and the desire to align it to my faith.

My favorite moments each week happened when we created a metaphor for the stories shared and then explored the metaphor around a theological model. An all-time favorite was "Who needs Tahiti," which captured the kind of moment in which it seems life just can't get any better and you don't need a single other thing in the world to feel happy and complete. We had a beautiful brunch last week and my fellow fourth-year graduates and I placed one of these vases at each setting. It was a faith and intention-laced, Tahiti kind of morning that I'll return to again and again in my heart. Just like EfM.    

Sunday, May 17, 2015

sweet wake up call

Suppose fog floated in while you were taking a nap. You wake up and can't see a thing. But you can feel the soft air and smell flowers, hear birds singing and the people you love talking. You might conclude you are in heaven. Which would be a funny mistake. Or would it be a mistake at all?

Friday, May 15, 2015

and on and on

Some days putting pencil to paper or fingers to keyboard feels like such a chore. Writing can be so much about timelines and deadlines and information to pound out. Then somebody you love gives you the prettiest zippered leather pouch, with a bold command to keep at it spelled out in gold letters, and you remember the glorious why of it all. You can't wait to get back to the page.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Irises are such a vivid reminder of Dr. Mac, who grew them next door in yellow, peach and every shade of purple. So when I saw these beautiful blooms Saturday morning along the Greenway, I sure did think of my beloved neighbor. It occurred to me later that maybe it's not one-sided. Maybe he was thinking of me and wanted to make sure I knew.

Friday, April 17, 2015

EXHIBIT 1:  Address book. A relic of an ancient era used for cataloguing one's nears and dears. An aid to staying connected. 

The address book is back in vogue at my house. No longer merely a "contact" on a digital list, my nears and dears once again have their own handwritten entry in a little book of love and remembrance. I found this one untouched on a closet shelf yesterday and realized how much I miss the analog life when it comes to correspondence. The paper, pens and pencils. The physical, almost magical forming of thoughts into letters into words. So today I'm transcribing my peeps onto the empty pages. Picturing their faces, thinking about their lives and where I fit into each one. It feels good. It feels real. It feels like love.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

letter love

I've been off my letter writing game. My blog writing game, too. Busy wordsmithing at work and on some other projects. But all it takes to get me back on track is some stationery-related cuteness like these new stamps. How could I have missed them? Or the fact that April is National Letter Writing Month? If you need inspiration to post a missive in the mail, there's plenty of it at the WriteOnCampaign website. I think of the serendipitous letters I've received over time and how they've affected my life, their contents permanently lodged in the trusty mailbox of the heart.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

love lives

Beautiful, beautiful Easter day. Flowers and trumpets and alleluias. Faith, hope and a promise: someone waits for us in the garden. Love lives. He is risen. Amen.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

naming my treasure

A package arrived from Utica many many springs ago and inside was an Easter basket handmade by Aunt Carol with my name on the handle. Even though a note wasn't attached, there was a message: You are in my thoughts. You are special. You are loved. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

hop skip jump

If you want a joy jolt, check out the work of Hunt Slonem. My sister gave me a huge book about him called Where Art Meets Design and in it you can't quite tell where the artist ends and his art begins. He is art. And there's something Beatrix-Potter-meets-Andy-Warhol about his trademark bunnies. Maybe it's the riotous colors here at the tail end of winter, maybe it's impending Easter, but they make my heart do a hop, skip and a jump. That's the power of authenticity.

Monday, March 16, 2015


This just in from Mama Nature: Of course I haven't forgotten about you. I've just been busy prepping for spring. Throwing the world a great big shower, pushing tulips and daffodils out of the damp earth, perfuming the air with hyacinths, coaxing bud into blossom. The birds are singing along as the sun works its bright warm wonders. All of it unfolding right on time, as always. As promised