Sunday, August 31, 2008

cultural anthropologie

This is not 84 Charing Cross Road, London.  It's a window display at Anthropologie, where they always have me at hello.  Stage left is a set designer extraordinaire with a quirky, creative take on life + style. I never gave a fig about fashion until I saw the clothes in this store.  Think Saturday-afternoons-browsing-oversize-Butterrick-pattern-books-at-the-fabric-store, circa 1970, and your grandmother with her crochet hook flying. There's rich color, lots of texture and embellishment, and just enough essence of fashion runway to make it marketable. Ditto the home decor.  I always come away from Anthropologie laden with ideas and inspiration, and occasionally even something new to wear.  Of course none of it is cheap.  But it doesn't cost a penny to look.     


Anonymous said...

one of my favorite stores too! an eclectic mix of lots of things i love! reading this makes me want to take a quick trip to the mall to wander through the store. the sale table is usually pretty good!

Anonymous said...

Living inside a library = secret fantasy of mine. The smell of all that paper, the chunky brick of a book, a world inside two covers, the world outside through watery glass windows...does it get any better?