Monday, September 22, 2008

falling for autumn

Today is the first day of fall in this part of the world. And in our neck o' the woods, it is beginning to look quite festive. Reminiscent of the iconic Homecoming corsage (with tiny school letters made of pipe cleaners), the unofficial flower of the season is the chrysanthemum. You'll find a huge pot of them on most every doorstep, with a grapevine wreath on the door. Soon a pumpkin patch will appear where the Farmer's Market stood all summer.  Growing up in Florida, we envied our northern neighbors their cooler weather and brilliant maples.  Mom taught school and one year a child's New England grandparents mailed a big box of fall leaves to the class, which were tossed into the air with abandon and later ironed between pieces of wax paper. Hung in coppery, golden glory across casement windows with the sun shining through, it was like autumn stained glass.  

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