Thursday, September 18, 2008

pump up your spirits

It's getting pretty discouraging out there.  And a little strange when you try to fill up the family clunker and there's an angry line snaking around the block to pay $4.37 per gallon.  Or worse, the pumps are simply, eerily empty.  Newspaper headlines shout about the dire financial straits we're in, but does the font have to be so bold and the typeface so huge?  All of this tends to fuel a scarcity mentality, which none of us can afford to succumb to.  Thankfully, there is a better way.  You'll never learn this in an Economics class, but the antidote to scarcity is actually abundance.  Without minimizing very stressful issues, there's only so much worrying, stewing and teeth gnashing a person can do.  None of which does a bit of good.  Today, do something lavishly, extravagantly rich in spirit instead.  Write a stack of letters.  Invite the entire block over for chili.  Be amazingly kind.  Dust off your telescope and aim it at the night sky.  Try another way of looking at things.  That's hope you'll see up there among the stars.  
Gas (1940) by Edward Hopper, The Museum of Modern Art, New York

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Anonymous said...

Inspirational....and wierdly timely for me! The Ed Hopper painting is a nice touch. It harks back to a time before cell phones, emails, and other moden day nuisances. I love your blog. This is helping me ween off Perez Hilton and TMZ. Keep it up!!!