Tuesday, September 2, 2008

rose, bud, thorn

If you would like to wrangle communication from amongst those gathered 'round the dinner table, do not resort to the ubiquitous 'How was your day?'  This will be met with blank stares, anguished sighs and monosyllabic responses by all ages. Try, instead, this tip borrowed from a brilliant teacher who graced our lives (Thank you, Stacy Benz!).  She had her students share a 'rose,' a 'bud' and a 'thorn.'  The rose being something that went well that day, a thorn was something that didn't, and the bud was what they looked forward to.  It may feel hokey to ask at first, but keep at it. The funny, poignant and even sarcastic (if teens are present) responses are much more than 'nothing.'  And that's something wonderful.  

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