Friday, December 5, 2008

do-as-you-choose Friday

Sometimes the school and work week can feel interminably long, weekend looming like a mirage as you slog through budget meetings and pop quizzes and taco night and taking out the trash.  It certainly seemed so as a child who had to visit the eye doctor every Tuesday and Thursday, whose baby brother had colic, whose dad worked long hours and whose mom was in graduate school.  Until, in a stroke of motherly genius, mine invented the beloved institution of Do-as-you-choose Friday.  My sister and I got to alternate planning how we'd spend that precious afternoon with our mother, baby in tow.  She liked Martha Washington Ice Cream Parlor.  I favored the library.  We both liked to get rootbeer at Dog & Suds.  I recall watching boats at the marina and seeing Little Women at the movies.  Mostly I just remember the happy, sort of celebratory feeling of traipsing along together, without a pressing agenda, simply doing as we chose for an afternoon in time. Friday afternoon is still my very favorite part of the week. Today it'll be Christmas present-making with Laurie at lunch.  A quick stop at the library. Later maybe even a scoop of pistachio ice cream.  

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Anonymous said...

Can still taste the rootbeer at D & S. And Little Women! Had the be the 1949 version with June Allyson as "Jo". Oh bliss! Thanks for a Friday happy!!