Thursday, April 9, 2009

the bunny hop

Hunt no longer for the perfect dessert to serve on Sunday.  The good people at McCormick Foods offer up this darling bunny cake, a reasonable facsimile of which has graced many an Easter table in my own life. Women's magazines always used to carry an ad with the recipe (and a diagram!) in their spring issues. Can you see how he's simply made from two round cakes?  One is used whole for the head and the other is cut into three pieces for the bowtie and ears.  Then you just frost away and decorate with whimsy. Easy enough for children to make. So hop to it!


neen said...

I'll have a piece of that adorable BUNNY CAKE...It should be on everyone's Easter Table!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. R says that he is certain that if his job was to cut the "ears" out of the one round cake, the "bowtie" would be unrecognizable. The same for the "ears". Happy Easter and thanks for all the great insights.

lit prof said...

I remember when we use to make this cake when my kiddies were anxiously awaiting the Easter Bunny! I still have the "diagrams" from the magazines... frosting marked and frayed on the edges. Wonderful memories. Have a beautiful day.