Friday, April 10, 2009

a bunny tale (or why I love Target)

The mother of all children's books about mothering has got to be The Runaway Bunny, in print since 1942.  It's a tale of reassurance and love that children find very comforting:  no matter where you may run, hide or become lost, I will find you and bring you home.  It's our life's work, we mothers, even when it ceases to be a feat of physical endurance and becomes mostly metaphorical instead.  I walked into Target one spring day when the children were little to pick up socks and Similac and jelly sandals in pastel colors, and hanging from the ceiling were huge cardboard cutouts of illustrations from The Runaway Bunny.  It was like magically walking into the pages of the book.  There was a matching plush bunny, too, which we still have. It's called building brand loyalty in marketing-speak, or why Target will always be my runaway favorite store.  

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flyboy said...

As I was reading your blog, Mom came by with "the book" in hand. What a wonderful book, the illustrations are superb. Thanks for pointing it out!