Monday, April 27, 2009

it doesn't seem write

I can close my eyes and picture the handwriting of everyone I love.  Each signature literally as distinct as the person who forms it.  Mom's is teacher perfect cursive, Palmer Method. Michele's and Monteen's are artistically freestyle.  John's is old world elegant.  The doctors in our family all scribble like, well, doctors. And if I come across something in Dad's script, it almost packs the power of hearing his voice across time and memory. Kitty Burns Florey's endearing book, Script & Scribble, poses this question: is writing by hand becoming obsolete in today's world?  I do know they're not teaching cursive at our elementary school any more. The kids take keyboarding instead.  And now it's even possible to get a computer font made to match your handwriting! I believe that handwriting is a mark of individuality too important to fall by the cultural wayside. What we write may say a lot about us, but so does the way we write it. 


Mr Lee said...

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flyboy said...

After no handwriting instruction, what next? How to use a credit card/calculator rather than learning how to add and subtract?
Oh me oh my!

Cathe said...

Just discovered your blog from your Twitter (thank you for the follow!). Wonderful post! As a stationery designer, I don't think paper and pen will ever go away. I'm trying to instill that love in my pre-schooler now... nurturing that love of seeing ones own markings on a piece of paper.