Friday, April 17, 2009

walkin' the walk

Early Saturday, we'll lace up and take to the pavement with a band of thousands here in Charlotte for the annual Walk to Cure Juvenile Diabetes.  We'll put one foot in front of the other for several miles and cheer each other on, which is, in fact, the only way to deal with this chronic and life-threatening disease.  Our girl was 12 when she suddenly became skinny as a stick and started drinking buckets of water, signs that her pancreas was shutting down. The pediatrician sent us straight to the hospital for several days to learn a new language, medical procedures and habits to keep her alive and healthy. 
It was late when we turned out the lights that first night in the hospital, to rest among the flowers and plush bunny, the medical supplies and stack of reading material that got scarier by the page.  I remember saying a desperate prayer that I could get my rattled mind around the critical things we needed to learn. When I opened my eyes, they settled on a vase of exquisite flowers my sister had sent to us. In the dark, I could see that it was actually lit from within with tiny white lights! Amazing and comforting.  I took that as a sign - and still do - that things would be okay, that we would manage, that she would continue to shine. And she has.    


lit prof said...

She IS our shining light. From the soccer field to the high school IB classes...from community service at Carolinas Medical Center to summer camp for diabetic children where she learned to use the insulin pump...from dancing at the annual staff...from homecoming court to baby sitting in the neighborhood...from roller blading to bike riding...from love notes to grandma to text messaging friends. She alwlays comes shining through to offer hope to all of us around her. She teaches us "keeping it all in perspective" and shows us that there can be a silver lining.

neen said...

I have to say "ditto" from the comment made from lit prof...she is a true beauty inside and out..xoxoxoxo