Tuesday, September 22, 2009

hello autumn

"That's a sign of autumn," Mom said, pointing to a patch of yarrow along the greenway. And so here we are, the first official day of fall. Hello to cool mornings, a spate of rainy days, sun setting earlier in the evenings. To that first apple with a tangy bite to it, chrysanthemums on the doorstep and the Homecoming lapel, football rivalries, political rivalries, a contest over the best barbecue. To leaf peeping along the Blue Ridge Parkway, making it to the State Fair in Columbia and watching The Legend of Sleepy Hollow performed under the stars. It's sweater time, time for tomato soup in a silver Thermos, time to toss a quilt on the bed and sleep with all the windows open. Indian Summer tiptoes quietly away, then BOO! Autumn arrives. 


neen said...

Thanks for the BEAUTIFUL message welcoming FALL..I've pulled out a sweater or two, I've added a light blanket to the bed and I'm on my way to pick up some chrysanthemums for the front door...Love You VERY TRULY JULIE xoxoxoxo

tamara matthews-stephenson said...

leaves a lovely image of Fall, and helps make it easier for me to say goodbye to my favorite season of Summer. Now I want to go home and bake an apple pie. Congrats! Tamara from NESTNESTNEST.blogspot.com