Saturday, September 19, 2009

Very truly luxuries
They're those things in life that add a lot. Pleasures and comforts that are by no means necessary, but boy do they make a difference in the daily round. The good news is that these indulgences aren't just found in a Tiffany turquoise box tied with a white silk ribbon. Or swathed in cashmere. They don't have to cost a small fortune. In fact, some of the best ones are free, recession-proof and there for the plucking by ordinary people like you and me. We just have to know how to spot luxury. And be willing to luxuriate: 
. . . no alarm clock on Saturday morning
. . . bed linens dried on a clothesline
. . . fluffy towels, just out of the dryer
. . . strong coffee made in a French press
. . . homemade graham crackers
. . . Vivaldi's Four Seasons
. . . Rococco by Adriana Trigiani
. . . Big Night starring Stanley Tucci
. . . Sinatra, Fitzgerald, Bruni, Pavarotti
. . . poems by Mary Oliver, Stanley Kunitz
. . . a letter, written or received
. . . a rainy morning + a museum
. . . a friend + a window of time
. . . a well-used library card
. . . breakfast at a hotel
. . . a Saturday afternoon nap
. . . cloudwatching, stargazing
. . . a deep breath, a long walk
. . . a new day

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lit prof said...

-a beatiful chocolate lab waiting at the door -a soft kitty cat wrapping around your legs when you come home from a trip -the first fall leaves fluttering to the ground -watching a grandson play center on the Sewanee football team during a pouring rain when the football field looked more like a swimming pool than a playing field -cooler morings -pumpkins on the neighbor's door step -dressing the backyard scarecrow for yet another fall season -thinking about a short "leaf peeping" trip to the mountains -picking the last of the hydrangeas for the living room vase -checking out the fireplace and the chimnea.