Saturday, January 9, 2010

backyard birds

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife produced this poster a few years ago featuring backyard birds common there during winter. I think I've seen a few of the same varieties in my own North Carolina backyard. No matter how cold and bleak it gets outside, there they are at the feeders, in the bushes and hopping along the icy slate patio. So full of life and cheerful and fascinating. An inspiration to the rest of us!


lit prof said...

Birds are the backyard bright spots of January and February. Standing at the kitchen window a few monring ago, I watched my husband break up the ice on the "supposed to be flowing" fountain in the backyard and install the water heater in the bird bath. It wasn't five minutes before the birds (all species) were lined up on the rim to drink. Some even jumped in the water for a winter's bath. This drinking frenzy lasted for a couple of hours and then tapered off to a steady stream of birds and water. With the cold temperatures we have had the last week or so and water frozen everywhere, I think the birds have passed the word along that there's plenty flowing from our backyard fountain and we relish in their discovery!

neen said...

I have also been enjoying watching the bird feeder in our back patio from the warm comfortable kitchen window...almost afraid to go out the door because of the COLD..I think if they can do it--I can do it...thanks for all your sweet love notes...xoxoxoxo