Friday, January 8, 2010

oatmeal days

There was a writer who called plain old, non-eventful, ordinary days (probably winter ones) oatmeal days. Which brings to mind mush or some kind of Dickensian gruel, not at all what my sister had in mind when she perfected the morning oatmeal ritual. Start with the real deal, not some additive-laced instant packet of oats 'n flavorings. Add milk, not water. Cook in microwave or on stove, doesn't matter. What does matter is the toppings. Below are some of our household standbys, but improvise at will. Be as culinarily creative as you want to be. What you won't be is hungry before lunch.

Oatmeal toppings for oatmeal days:

a pat of real butter
a dash of salt
a sprinkling of brown sugar
sliced bananas, if you have 'em
a smattering of:
golden raisins
chopped apricots
dried cranberries
chopped nuts
sunflower seeds
pumpkin seeds

1 comment:

flyboy said...

Wow that not only sounds good it is good. We already are doing the first half of the list. We now have to work on the second half.