Saturday, January 16, 2010


For a week now, I just haven't had the usual verve. Energy and enthusiasm in the expression of ideas. Vitality. Liveliness. Verve is also my favorite lipstick color that just ran out, so I stopped by the mall yesterday to replenish. I found plenty of verve there: cool chunky white ceramic watches, creamy sweaters to soften winter's hard edges, flowers dangling from necklaces, attached at the toe of shoes and embroidered on skirts.

Even the store windows had a lot of verve: Nordstrom's orange handbags on a brilliant turquoise backsplash (looking suspiciously like the Pantone 2010 Color of the Year), Anthropologie's garden hose curled below a cascade of flowers made from recycled plastic and, sweetest of all, the Louis Vuitton bird cages, suspended in mid-air, with little red and yellow birds perched in them. I only bought a tube of lipstick, but came home with enough verve to last 'til spring.

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Cliff said...

Yeah, it's neat how if you go to the mall or some exquisite shopping place with the attitude that you are going to a gallery to look at artwork, it can be very satisfactory. I enjoy sometimes just looking at the design of shoes that I wouldn't buy anyway. But maybe I'm weird that way.