Monday, February 15, 2010

happy Mimiries

It was a picture perfect Valentine's Day. Lots of flowers (mostly roses!), pink and purple and red hearts, cards galore, a lovely lunch, cake and ice cream. Picture a great-grandmother, Mimi, wearing a bright red jacket with pink jeweled pin, two doting grandmothers, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. And ninety-nine reasons to celebrate!


neen said...

I think Mimi had her best BIRTHDAY EVER...It was a PERFECT DAY!!!On the ride back to her home I noticed a few tears of happiness and a great big SMILE on her face..A birthday, she said, she will NEVER forget...LOVE OF FAMILY IS THE BEST GIFT OF ALL !!!!!xoxoxo

lit prof said...

As one of the lucky grandmothers, I looked around and saw the beautiful faces of my children, grandchildren, and 99 year old mother and relatives galore. All celebrating a Valentine's birthay with joy and love and smiles. I think all of us present and the family who coulnd't be there in person but were there in spirit had the best Valenine's ever!