Friday, February 19, 2010

it's all good

It's Friday. Time to stop and smell the daffodils that are poking out of the ground in Mom's garden. Time to celebrate the first tendrils of light now appearing just as the alarm clock rings on school mornings. Time to say Hallelujah and Amen over a big work project completed and delivered. Time for a looooong Lenten lunch with Kathleen in which life's mysteries were discussed, some even solved. Most of all, high time to raise a lacrosse stick to the new girl on the varsity team!


neen said...

Way to go Italia!!!!I can't wait to see this awesome long haired beauty running across the field. Have a great time and score LOTS OF POINTS. xoxoxo

lit prof said...

Senior Varsity LaCrosse team, no less! This, along with all the other wonderful things she does proves that life is not always "either - or." I am reserving my seat in the stands RIGHT NOW. Congratulations, beautiful Italia.

Katie said...

Yeay, Italia! You know I love me some lacrosse action! I know you'll be brilliant on the field, just as you are off the field!