Saturday, February 6, 2010

laws of friendship

If you need a top-notch securities attorney, you'd be extremely lucky to have Jane in your court. But luckier still are those who've retained shares in her friendship. She got up before dawn on Friday to assemble a delectable shrimp and grits casserole. She put out dinner plates and trays, linens, silverware and candles. She put fresh flowers all around the house. Then she put in a full day of legal work - and mothering - before welcoming a dozen of us over to celebrate the birthday of another rare and gracious friend, Roline. We ate like royalty, howled with laughter, teared up a time or two, and generally had the time of our mid-lives as a winter storm tapered off outside and the cares of the world remained parked at the curb. If you have friends like Jane and Roline, hold onto them for dear life. They're what makes life dear.

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