Tuesday, February 9, 2010

love list

Valentine to-do list: cards mailed (plus the cherry red Juju Hearts with a $20 tucked in). The baking ritual of heart-shaped shortbread cookies, some half-dipped in melted chocolate. Get out the rolling pin! Work that dough! There must also be tulips . . . pale pink, hot pink, white. Buy 'em wrapped in cellophane at the grocery store to hurry spring along. And do not leave the domicile without wearing a dash of red or pink. Love.


neen said...

It seems like we have found another wonderful reason to celebrate...FEBURARY 14th!VALENTINES DAY...October brought forth HALLOWEEN..November brought forth THANKSGIVING...December brought forth CHRISTMAS...January brought forth COLD, RAIN, AND LOTS OF GRAY...I think we're all ready to embrace this great celebration of LOVE..HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO YOU VERY TRULY JULIE!!!xoxoxoxo

flyboy said...

Those heart shaped delights were delicious. Many thanks.