Tuesday, February 16, 2010

notes on writing

Notes scribbled from last week's excellent presentation by author/UNCC Professor Karon Luddy which was sponsored by the Writing Your Faith Group at Christ Episcopal Church. What a treat to gather in a room full of people who love to write and wax philosophical on our favorite subject. Thought-provoking prompts and Mint Milano cookies were included.

1. All writing is a spiritual act, an act of faith.
2. It's not a journal, it's a writer's book.
3. Writing is a practice to keep your heart open.
4. Silence is a writer's friend (or she must befriend it).
5. You can hear so much in the silence.
6. State the 3 most important words in your life.
(hers are writing + love + people)
7. Dreams are a great source to write poems from.
8. Write with your 5 senses plus these other senses:
common sense
sense of humor
sense of something greater than self


Charlotte Bowman said...

Karon Luddy Rocks!

edgplt said...

YOUR writing continues to be an inspiration. And the illustrations to go w/ it - marvelous.

Lisa said...

I am delighted to have found you through my fellow blogger friend Tamara over at Nest! I love your blog & look forward to visiting often!