Thursday, March 18, 2010

critical life skills

I once complimented my friend Burnet on deftly opening a bottle of champagne and she joked that it was a critical life skill. Which has had me keeping a mental list of other such skills ever since, if not for my own good, then for the kids' sake. Thankfully, they're still a few years away from popping champagne corks, but I won't rest until they know how to:

1. make a grilled cheese sandwich
2. write a thank you note
3. remember birthdays
4. tidy up their living space
5. fry an egg, sunny side up
6. plant a daffodil bulb
7. harvest a tomato
8. comfort someone
9. comfort themselves
10. laugh at a good joke
11. laugh at themselves
12. have fun on the cheap
13. be rich in love
14. appreciate a good poem
15. revel in a good book
16. do laundry
17. keep out of debt
18. keep the faith
19. stand up for themselves
20. stand up for others
21. make a decent cup of coffee
22. make a buck
23. make amends
24. make a difference

1 comment:

Catherine Fortin said...

I'll be batting 1000 if mine will be able to do 5 of these . . .