Tuesday, May 18, 2010


A graduation announcement for beautiful Rachel arrived in the mail yesterday with the Charlotte Latin School crest elegantly imprinted at the top. Gail and Henry's precious daughter got married on Saturday. A celebration was held for newly ordained Mary that evening. McGowin graduated from The University of the South on Sunday. This is the season of grand scale transitions, of endings that are really beginnings backwards. Milestones R Us, I laughed with friend who, like me and probably like you, is holding onto dear life as it whizzes by.

Not all milestones come with fanfare, but they're pivotal in their own way. Just last week Mom won a poetry competition, Gerin left for France, a dear friend left a demeaning relationship, another finished a brutal round of chemotherapy. Still another had a birthday with margaritas. David was accepted to a prestigious writing program at St. Andrews College in Scotland, the high school yearbook arrived, Brandon and the other eighth-graders were confirmed at Christ Episcopal Church. Lilies and hydrangeas came into bloom, Sandra buried her great Dad in Chapel Hill. "Life marches by," Katherine Hepburn once said in a movie. "You better get on with it."

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Katie said...

Thank you for including Brandon in the milestones...you are the best!