Friday, June 11, 2010


While college graduates are weighed down with worries about finding work and the wrenching goodbyes to friends scattering far and wide, it is the high school graduate who most symbolizes the bouyant and jubilant march into this intangible thing we call the future. The world is their oyster and, inside it, a pearl of possibilities.

We're in between high school graduations in our family, and a few years out from the college pomp and circumstance, so I'm enjoying things from a different emotional perspective this spring. Last night we heaped our plates with lasagne and salad at a dinner celebrating a dear family friend who is off to the University of Maryland in the fall. He's already a perfectly grown-up person who has accomplished wonderful things and is a loving son and friend. Like the beautiful sheet cake with Congratulations, Webster spelled out in frosting letters, the rest is icing.

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phonelady said...

How nice and sounds like a lovely dinner and a very nice young man headed his way to college .