Tuesday, June 15, 2010

summer time

Have you noticed how looooong the days have become and how frequent the afternoon thunderstorms? The school clock has wound down and now we're officially on sundial time. Breakfast involves berries, coffee is better iced and, if can't be found at the Farmer's Market, do you really need it anyway? Words like sightsee and explore and day trip are tossed about until one day you find yourself riding a bicycle on the Virginia Creeper trail, mesmerized in a museum or enjoying a daquiri on a rooftop overlooking the Charleston Harbor. The quest is on for the juiciest book, the ripest peach, a perfect popsicle. And sandals that look like they were handcrafted in Capri. It's summer alright. Sunny side up.
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phonelady said...

Oh my yes you just described the perfect summer .