Friday, June 25, 2010

under a (Carolina) blue sky

It's as beautiful as ever. And definitely as hot in the summertime as it was when I was a student there. Yesterday I took Italia for an official college tour of UNC Chapel Hill. While she was busy learning about the application process and campus life, my mind wandered. To the way the sun filtered through the canopy of trees in the arboretum in late spring. To James Taylor singing 'Gone to Carolina in my Mind' at a concert in the gym. To celebrating the NCAA basketball championship during senior year and seeing a fellow Economics major swinging naked, except for a coat of pale blue paint, from a tree on Franklin Street. To apple pie at the Carolina Coffee Shop, hallowed Wilson Library, the Campus Y, the Pit, the bookstore and even to the football stadium where Mike was playing (#56) and I never even knew it. But of all the experiences and images and memories I hold of that great place, what I cherish most is the time spent in the classroom of writer Doris Betts. For that, there just aren't words.


lit prof said...

And the torch is passed. Seems like yesterday your dad and I were taking you to visit Chapel Hill. And now you and your daughter are walking in our footsteps. Where ever she decides to go to school, it is a passage. A doorway to another world for her and for you. A doorway through which she will come and go, grow and learn, and become the young woman she is destined to be. Oh how we have enjoyed every moment along this journey. And look forward to all those moments to come.

Cliff said...

Troy will be a freshman. He got a Morehead-Cain Scholarship!