Saturday, July 24, 2010

the reading life

It's one of the great wonders of the world: reading. And if you love it, life expands in exponential proportions and is filled with endless riches. Reading allows you to travel the universe, meet fascinating people throughout time and even become a more thoughtful person. It's portable. Do it wherever you are, whether that's on a sunny balcony, the living room couch, a beach blanket, a hospital bed, the bus or waiting in line. Learn, laugh, cry, think, mull, explore, enjoy, grow. Read.
(On a balcony by Mary Cassatt, 1844-1926)


phonelady said...

One of my fave painters cassat . Love her work and yes read and more reading . God loves you .

Stephanie said...

Julie, you are a gem. Thank you for your lovely posts... They are short, sweet, and restorative. Just what I need.