Friday, August 6, 2010

the beloved daily grind

Upon returning from a few weeks very happily spent in another part of the world, Kathleen said it was so nice to return to 'the beloved daily grind.' What a wonderful, Zen-like way to phrase it and I could just picture my precious friend at home, making coffee, paying bills, putting up the groceries. It's not always easy to be happy at home, where your deepest relationships reside, along with the dust bunnies and the dishes in the sink. But if you can pull it off, you've accomplished one of the rarest and most important feats in life. When things feel a little dull and jaded in your corner of the world, that's a good time to take a look around with a tourist's fresh eye. At the good man throwing a ball to the kids, the wise old oak trees in the yard, the table set for dinner. This is a place to cherish forever.


phonelady said...

I could not agree more . Thanks for sharing .

lit prof said...

And, I might add, down at our house we are checking the bird feeders, watering the herbs, feeding the cat, resting in the hammock, reading a good book, walking the Sugar Creek greenway, talking to friends, cooking on the grill. There really is "no place like home."