Friday, August 20, 2010

destination: Friday

You've arrived at that full-of-possibilities juncture called Friday. Set your compass to 'joy' and search out the people and things that embody it with the intrepidness of an explorer. Meriwether Lewis, for instance. Talk about going out on a limb and taking chances, have you read his story? Might be just the perfect book to have waiting at the end of today. Take the whole weekend at a snail's pace, keeping an eye out for butterflies and ladybugs. There's always the chance you'll get a good a letter in the mail or maybe you've been meaning to send one, even to yourself. It's an art form, so write in color and outside the lines. And add a touch of red, which stands for heart.
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Laurie Richardson said...

U R the BEST! (friend, collager, mom, writer, quote finder! Have an absolutely wonderful weekend! xoxo