Saturday, August 7, 2010

times that refresh

When is the last time you hit the refresh button? Mine was a couple weeks ago when we visited my sister and her family in Columbia, SC. When you arrive at Blossom Street, you just know that something special will be waiting: a gorgeous new painting underway in her studio, pumpkins stacked liked topiaries in autumn with an old chandelier hanging from a tree, a sprawling gingerbread house at the holidays, the shiny red espresso maker on the kitchen counter with its stack of tiny white cups, piles and piles of good books, dogs running in and out. On this particular summer day, though, with temperatures in the upper 90's, it was all about the limeade.

Michele had bought a cup the day before from two little girls selling it at the Columbia Farmer's Market. Inspired, she stocked up on limes, fished out an old juicer and made a simple sugar syrup consisting of 2 cups sugar per gallon of water. Then she squeezed the juice of one lime into a cup, filled the cup with the sugar water and ice, poured it into a cocktail shaker and shook. Then back into the cup with one half of the squeezed lime for garnish. I am telling you, it was some kind of good! Could she have bought a gallon of limeade at the grocery store a few blocks away? Yes, but that's not her style. And we would have all missed out on the tactile pleasure of the real deal. The pretty basket heaping with limes, the tang of the zest, the clack of cocktail shaker, the deliciousness of a new memory being made.


phonelady said...

Oh yes gotta love the limeade right ? ... Love it and thanks for sharing .

anthropoet said...

Wow! Honored to have inspired a post. The best part was you guys being there. That's definitely worth toasting...with a cold glass of limeade, of course! Bottoms up!