Thursday, August 26, 2010


Arkon and I got a call this summer about developing a new name and logo for a pre-school program in Charlotte. The merger between Seigle Avenue Preschool and Chapel of Christ the King Preschool happened earlier in the year, two revered early education programs uniting to best and most cost-effectively help young children overcome at-risk beginnings. The Learning Collaborative (TLC) is a loving, learning place where children and their families, teachers, staff and friends throughout the faith community work together toward this common goal.

As delighted as Arkon and I were to be involved, the project held special meaning for me that no one else could have known. When my Dad died in 1992, memorials were made in his honor to the Chapel of Christ the King, a tiny, sweet inner-city church where his dear friend was the vicar. Dad would be so happy to know the good work continues. Sometimes what goes around comes back around in very special ways.

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Cool logo!