Sunday, September 5, 2010

labor and delivery

Somewhere along the line, it seems like good old fashioned hard work, the honest days' kind, got a bum rap. That a good life was not one where sleeves were rolled up, hands got dirty and the midday meal was carried in a durable lunchbox. Leisure became the be-all, end-all and only chumps would punch a time clock. I'm so glad my friend Kathy ignored that memo and instead raised millions of dollars to build a model program for the chronically homeless. Layne did, too, which is why she's at her desk into the wee hours most nights, creating lesson plans that not only satisfy stringent state curriculum requirements and different learning styles, but enchant her lucky students. Alex is at a patient's bedside right now, administering medicine and comfort. Marty ministers powerfully to a church congregation hungry for hope. Their hours are long and the compensation often comes up short. But it's staggering to think what would be lost if they weren't on the job.

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