Thursday, September 9, 2010

princess problems

Some days there's no escaping the minor difficulties of life. I like the phrase princess problems to describe these difficulties which thankfully have, if not a picture-book happy ending, at least a reasonable resolution. Just yesterday it was the rain-out of a photo shoot that was supposed to capture Carolina blue skies over the mountains. Today it was waking up covered in poison ivy and leaving the doctor's office to find the car with a crushed fender and a note on the windshield. Then the e-mail about a new brochure being beautifully printed . . . without a critical correction being made. Every single incident has a solid solution, though, after which all affected will regroup and carry on. Which, in the grand scheme of things, makes each problem feel less a royal pain and more akin to a luxury.

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phonelady said...

wow sounds like you have a had a real kick in the butt this wk hope things get better for you . take care and stay safe .