Saturday, October 23, 2010

get small

Remember the Steve Martin schtick 'Let's get small!' circa the late 70's? Circa the rubber arrow through his head, the white suit, balloon animals and banjo? It could just as well be a rallying cry for today. Getting small is the perfect antidote to dealing with a ginormous, out-of-our-control world. Shutting down isn't a viable option. Better to scale back and think small. Don't feel like you need to invite 10 people over for dinner to socialize. Just walk across the street with a couple of bakery rolls and a carafe of coffee when your neighbor's outside. Knit a few rows. Read a chapter. Write a paragraph. Walk a block. Send a postcard. Mail a check to the animal shelter, the food bank, the mentoring program you read about in the paper. Toss a ball to the dog. Instead of 'starting a diet,' have a salad for lunch. Daydream under the huge oak tree in the yard. Carry an acorn in your pocket.


Anonymous said...

what powerful and wonderful suggestions for one's life..I'm going to give them a try. Thanks

simply said said...

I put an acorn in my pocket this morning. great advice.