Sunday, November 7, 2010

love letters

The very best letters provide a window on the heart of the writer as well as a window on the reader's own life and its place in the wider world. They speak to the issues of the times yet are timeless. They can even kindle a spark of faith in the weary, confused and bereft. The letters, or Epistles, of Saint Paul are immortalized in the New Testament of the Bible, transcending time and tribulation to illuminate a way to navigate life in the 21st century and beyond. Take one of his most memorable lines to heart and see if it doesn't transform your life: "Whatever things are true, whatever honorable, whatever just, whatever holy, whatever lovable, whatever of good repute, if there be any virtue, if anything worthy of praise, think upon these things."
Saint Paul Writing His Epistles by Valentin de Boulogne or Nicolas Tournier, 16th century. Blaffer Foundation Collection, Houston, Texas.

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