Monday, November 22, 2010

simply (im)perfect

Are you familiar with the concept of wabi-sabi? It is an ancient Japanese way of experiencing the world that celebrates what is simple, natural, impermanent, imperfect. It calls for embracing the way things are, from the stark beauty of bare branches on the late November trees to mismatched plates on the Thanksgiving table. It's laugh lines, a child's art project, your favorite old sweater, a homely yet delicious casserole for dinner after a weary day. Wabi-sabi is authenticity and acceptance. Doesn't it feel peaceful just thinking about it?

(WABI SABI by Mark Reibstein. Illustrated by Ed Young. Little, Brown & Company, 2008.)

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like the Wabi Sabi way of thinking would be a great way to really enjoy the blesings of Thanksgiving and the true meaning of Christmas.