Monday, November 15, 2010

There's just no substitute for a familiar face across a formica tabletop, drinking strong coffee and talking about the kids, the news, the weather, a book. Our Italian foremothers instinctively knew this, but why does it seem like such a luxury these days? When did things become so hectic and so complicated? My favorite scene in Rococo by Adriana Trigiani is when Bartolomeo and his hilarious sister Toot (picture Bette Midler) sit down in her kitchen, nibbling at a plate of cookies. It's so companionable and comforting, no words are even necessary. I'm going to search out and seize more of these moments moving forward. Get out the old school Moka coffee maker, pin down a good biscotti recipe, talk about nothing and everything with the people I love. Catch up on life.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like good advice for all of us. Doing the real important things in life, like really connecting with ole forgotten friends and family.