Sunday, November 28, 2010

the write attitude

About as humbly handmade as imaginable, we wrote names on the front and used gratitude journals as placecards at Thanksgiving dinner. Homemade from cardstock paper, plain old string, a hole punch. Now they're tucked into belongings making their way back to Charleston, Columbia, Charlotte, Washington, DC and Tennessee. To hopefully be jotted in now and then to keep the weeks ahead from being just a blur of work, studying, exams, errands, appointments. Little handwritten notes to self, reminding us to remember.

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lit prof said...

I have my gratitude journal from Thanksgiving right on my desk. I will write in it every day to remind me of all the wonderful life gifts I have to be grateful for. Your thoughtfulness in making these beautiful little booklets will encourage all of us to become a little more thoughtful...and thankful.