Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the write time

Did you know that this is National Novel Writing Month? If the poster alone isn't catalyst enough to get you writing, you can read all about it at More than 170,000 people worldwide are participating in this annual creative writing extravaganza that was started in 1999. My sister gave me a heads-up about it on Halloween afternoon and I really did envision dusting off a book idea and taking it all the way to the 50,000-word goal by November's end, at a thousand or so words per day.

Problem is, I only made it through Day 1 before deciding that my idea needed much more fleshing out before diving in and that I didn't want to sign on for that kind of daily pressure right now. But I did get something very valuable out of the exercise and that was realizing how excited I was to a) go to bed Sunday night and b) wake up Monday morning energized by creative possibility. I need that. And you do, too. So while I won't be writing a novel this month, I'm going to come up with some novel ways to keep that kind of special spark kindled anew each and every day. For all of us creative types.

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