Wednesday, December 1, 2010

calm & bright

December arrives on a frosty wind, birds perched on bare branches like tiny ornaments. Today's a good day to choose how to spend this gift of a month. Calm and bright? Or more like E. Scrooge pre-emotional makeover? I waffle. I don't like to shop and am dreadful at social occasion small talk. But I do love an afternoon spent in the quiet of a kitchen, making shortbread angels. I love the really old carols mixed in with the rest of the music on the classical radio station. I love coming home from work or errands and finding a cellophane bag on the doorstep tied with a bright ribbon and, inside, peppermint bark or party mix or reindeer food. I love Christmas stamps, the Charlie Brown tv special, twinkling lights, the pine perfume of a tree lot, wreaths on the church windows, the rustic miracle of the creche. And I love beyond measure the reason for it all. I may never be Fezziwig festive, but I can choose not to be frantic or frayed this December. I can choose peace and joy instead. And keep Christmas in my heart.

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Julie at Kitchen said...

I love this post. It comes as a perfect reminder, at the perfect time, that this month can be filled with beauty, friendship, joy and calm. I'm hosting a fundraiser tonight and your words have taken me from frenzied list making to a few "calm and bright" moments.