Sunday, January 2, 2011

bubbling over

If there's ever a time when the world feels like your oyster Rockefeller, it's at the beginning of a new year. Say what? You haven't made any resolutions? I'm here to help! Because how can you expect to have a wonder-full year if you don't tee it up? Resolutions are nothing more than goals of a hopeful heart, little leaps of faith. And with those two things going for you, heaven's the limit. Resolve to:

. . . Clear the cobwebs, loosen the knots, air your laundry (best done with the help of a wise therapist or blank journal)
. . . Pick a word, any word. The thing you need or want most in your life: courage, creativity, calm, connection. Let it be a mini-mantra to pull you back on course when veering into ennui.
. . . Pick one thing that bugs you about this world (pollution, poverty, racism) and do something, however small, about it: pick up a littered playground, donate a case of peanut butter to the food bank, make a friend from another culture.
. . . Grow like a hollyhock in a sunny summer garden or wither like a neglected philodendron in a windowless office. These being the only two options available to any of us.
. . . Be choosier this year. Choose gratitude, kindness, intellectual pursuit over the crass alternatives the world offers up.
. . . Love the one you're with. Yes, this means you. Then everything else will fall in to place.

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