Friday, January 7, 2011

taste of grace

Here in the south, we love our barbecue and we love a good story. Coleman's Home BBQ Sauce is a perfect mixture of both. I met Eugene Coleman a year and a half ago when Arkon and I were working on a brochure for Moore Place, the Urban Ministry Center's model to end chronic homelessness here in Charlotte. His story includes a medical mystery, a descent into substance abuse and eventually living under a bridge, a magnificent doctor, an encounter with an angel at a Bojangle's restaurant, a deep and abiding friendship, fear, sorrow, desolation, hope, joy. And, now, barbecue sauce. Not one for talking about himself, what Eugene has is a real gift for listening. Our interview, scheduled for 20 minutes, turned into a conversation that could have gone on all afternoon and remains with me like a blessing. All profits for the BBQ sauce will be donated to fight homelessness. It's delicious. Filled with the spice of life.

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