Tuesday, February 1, 2011

most intelligent

No one was surprised when Tom got a perfect score on the SAT. No one, except for the College Board testing service, which kindly suggested that he take it again because there must have been some mistake. We weren't surprised, either, when he repeated his perfect score the second time around. Or when he was accepted to Harvard undergrad, then Harvard Business School and Harvard Law. He was voted 'Most Intelligent' boy in our high school class, but could have just as easily won 'Best All Around' for his sense of humor, cuteness, golf skill and amazing gift of friendship.

Tom and I walked the same route to Coleman Junior High, were lab partners in Miss Stern's Advanced Biology class and I was the lucky girl riding shotgun to school in his family's old station wagon during senior year. I'm happy to report that he hasn't changed an iota, based on our too few and too far between get-togethers, one of which was at dinner last night when he flew into town. Tom knows more about history, world events, politics, sports and business than anyone I know. Science, math and probably literature, too. But, more than just a repository of facts and solver of calculus riddles, he is completely engaged in the world, interested in everything. He's infinitely diplomatic. He understands systems uncannily well. He's creative and curious. He connects the dots. He cares. All of which I believe separates a true genius from someone who is truly brilliant. Like Tom.
(Engraving of Harvard College by Paul Revere, 1767)

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