Thursday, February 10, 2011

the pizza & prosecco pledge

We're not doing regret. A simple pact, made by four friends who intersected at the same ad agency for a moment in time. Two now have big corporate jobs, one started her own thriving business (and was quoted just this week on CNN, I might add!) and I carry the creative torch as a writer. Between us, there are ten children ranging from newborn to college sophomore. Over pizza and prosecco, talk turned to the dream job that got away, the bad job that lasted too long, money left on the table, mentors, motherhood, milestones, mistakes. Then we made an executive decision: no regrets. No wistfully looking back and asking what if? Instead, we decided to appreciate where we've been, count only the blessings and try to find meaning as we go along. That's when the evening floated up and into the clouds, somewhere over a rainbow. To baby Liam's sweet smile, the best book we read last year, the inspiring co-worker, the importance of letting go of the junk while hanging on to the love, the supreme joy that somehow manages to show up amid the stress and sorrow. No regrets. Just set 'em down. And see how it lifts you up.

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jenny said...

As women we get good about the "regret thing." Am I a good mother, wife, friend, parent, employee, volunteer, and on and on? We obsess about it. It's out of a desire, I think, to be better, to live as richly as we can in this short life we have. And relationships are important to us, and we don't want to let others down, or let ourselves down. We have incredibly high standards, and what would the world be without that constant nudge to "be better" to "live better" to tend to others. But regrets can turn into wasted time on this rich journey. Julie and our girlfriends remind us that we are rich and awesome as we are, and we should do more celebrating and laughing and high-fiving. We have to let it go if it brings us down. The pitty party and regret thing is an energy drainer, and it shows in how we act, and how we show know when you see that aura around someone who is "happy;" it just oozes out of them and spills over to others. Let's do more of that with each other...thanks for your spot-on words Julie!