Friday, March 25, 2011

a fresh start

Who can resist the lure of beautiful graphics and fabulous scents in the Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products? I want to buy them all and then come home and work a spring makeover on the house. While I'm at it, why not new sets of white cotton Shabby Chic sheets for all of the beds, the gorgeous beige linen headboard I saw at West Elm, and a pretty new couch for the living room to replace the frumpy lump that's been there for ages? The kitchen door needs a shiny coat of paint (how about turquoise?) with a topiary in an elegant stone planter next to it. I've been dreaming of new wallpaper for the powder room in a beautiful bird print. And am for sure going to order silhouettes of the kids (and Cocoa!) from a cool resource I found online, something I've wanted for ages. It's all because of you, Mrs. Meyer, this frenzy to fix up. You and spring.

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