Sunday, March 20, 2011

the orange shoelaces

My eighth-grader came home from lacrosse practice last week holding a brand new pair of bright orange shoelaces. Since the Bulldog team colors are red and black, I knew they had to signify something special. And, sadly, they do. One of players on the girls' team has gotten very sick and is in for a rough go of medical treatment. The shoelaces are a sign of solidarity. Since there isn't much information forthcoming from boys at this age, I'll have to find out more in order to truly reach out. As I laced the cleats yesterday, my heart was tied up in knots for the family. It's not fair, I wanted to scream! I made myself focus on the smaller picture: another mother ordering and handing out dozens of pairs of neon bright shoe laces - undoubtedly in a certain someone's favorite color. And the little flashes of orange, like sparks in sunlight, up and down the Saturday afternoon field.

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