Wednesday, March 30, 2011

thinking in the rain

If not exactly singing in the rain, I'm hoping this week-long deluge drowns out the threat of a summer drought as it busily washes away the layer of neon green pollen on the car, replenishes backyard bird baths and fills the duck pond at Freedom Park. Who knew Mother Nature was such a multi-tasker! On a deeper level, I'd like the rain to wash away my worries and cares, fill the wells of gratitude and creativity, quench my inner thirst with a refreshing drink from the fountain of life. The brightly lit office is a haven today and a lot of work is actually getting done to the comforting sound of Diane Rehm chatting with William Faulkner's niece on NPR. Outside the window, somebody just walked by beneath a big yellow umbrella.

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Laurie said...

I listened to that interview yesterday too!