Friday, March 18, 2011

today's your lucky day

St. Patrick's Day came and went in subtle, work week fashion here - no parade, no green beer or soda bread, forgetting even the symbolic wearing of the green unless eye color counts. But the road rose to meet us, as it always seems to do. We moved through the day in the usual blur of blessings: good health, beautiful sunshine, a carpet of green, green grass that seems to get thicker by the hour in March. We didn't win the lottery, in a literal sense, but all the bills are paid and there's money left over to donate to the Red Cross for the suffering in Japan. There was sad news of the death of 86-year-old Aunt Eleanor, so frail for so long, but such gratefulness for all she means to and did for us. There was a soft bed to fall into at the end of the day and, I think, even a full moon. Today, with all that it holds, offers yet another chance at life. Lucky us.


Bellezza said...

There is something so lovely about recognizing the blessings we have in the 'little' things, which actually come to some importance in the light of suffering. I am so impressed with the Japanese people, for their courage, strength and manners. What bravery, what culture. I'm with you on counting ourselves as lucky, or actually, blessed.

Anonymous said...

Loved your message. It made me realize how very blessed we are to have a "new day" every day to be thankful for each and every minute.