Friday, April 15, 2011

the perfect accessory for spring

Why is it such a backhanded compliment to say that a person wears rose-colored glasses? I'm re-thinking this quasi-negative vibe and have decided that these individuals are the lucky ones. And probably a whole lot more enlightened than most of us. I seem to have misplaced my pair some time ago, the fashion statement I made so faithfully as a girl growing up in Florida, and later as a college student and a young adult, wife, mother. Then the years layered on their responsibilities and worry, stress, busyness and pressure (some real, much of it cooked up), transitions, change. There was loss and the sucker punch of grief. But such joy, too. Now I understand that the people who rise above it all to remain cheerful and hopeful in life are to be admired, commended and emulated. It's hard work and it takes faith, childlike wonder and the wisdom of a sage. Sometimes I've felt like I was wearing blinders on my eyes more than anything else and that's a regret. But not any more. The rose-colored glasses are going back on. I can see clearly now.


Anonymous said...

Very Smart, very successful, very beautiful and over-the-top-positive are the thoughts I have when I think of you. Enjoy wearing your Rose-Colored Glasses.

Julie said...

Your thoughtful posts, always so filled with joy, hope, faith and love are the little bit of positivity that I seek out every day. You are the rose coloured glasses!