Wednesday, April 27, 2011

good intentions

The intent was to have an impromptu Saturday morning brunch to celebrate Italia's 18th birthday. The icing was having Ali's Dad, who teaches yoga at the Y, come by and give these yoga-loving girls a mini-lesson they could takeaway and repeat any time, anywhere, as they prepare to leap from high school into the bigger world. Even Cocoa got in on the act by rolling around in the backyard with her paws in the air, the original Down Dog pose! There were strawberry smoothies before, a big breakfast after, and then vanilla cupcakes sprinkled with pastel candies. There was laughter and friendship. Everyone stretched and breathed and learned about choosing an intention before hitting the mat. "Think about something you need in your life at this moment," Tracy told them. "Is it peace? Courage? Inner strength to deal with a problem? Joy? Whatever it is, keep that in your mind as you do the yoga poses."

Intention is a concept that keeps bubbling up in my life these days and maybe in yours, too. Living with it, to be precise: an aim or purpose, a directing of the mind to a desired outcome. A powerful, attentive awareness that can be applied not only to yoga, but to work, chores, learning, relaxation, relationships, all of life. It was a very enlightening birthday celebration. What a gift we give to ourselves by living with intention.

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