Sunday, June 26, 2011

along for the ride

We've been starring in our own version of CARS around here with two teenage Volvos giving out in the same month. The kindly mechanic finally told us he didn't have the heart or the conscience to make another repair on either one based on their value. So now there's a new kid on the block, a frisky blue Toyota Forerunner, circa 2006, with a mere 31,000 miles on him and an extended warranty for parental peace o' mind. The kids are in heaven. Our sedan was in such bad shape that it actually had to be towed in to be traded in. The station wagon, though, we drove to the dealership. There was a pang as we left her, remembering all of the miles spelunked as a family and then what a trusty steward it was of our high school drivers who considered it the nadir of coolness. There were memories of the groceries hauled, trips to the vet, the mall, the beach, to elementary school, Sunday school, sports practices, through the drive-through line at Chik-fila. The wheels of life turn, turn, turn. The key is in keeping track of the smiles per gallon.

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